07th March 2012
First of all, a Big thank you to those People of great taste and Distinction for buying all the Camera Gear I had on offer.

Three of them I know nothing of but the Person who acquired the Hasselbald XPan II - Marty, says he's enjoying using it. I will keep the news item here for the younger Photographers to have a look at some of the Film Gear that was used for many years..

I grew up on Film Cameras (from the 70's) and was very happy with them until PROGRESS/CHANGE reared it's Ugly/Necessary head and changed things for ever!!

I've been holding on these Cameras as long as I could, but now, I really have to pass them on to another Home!

I will NOT be handling the sale but have passed it on to Photographic Wholesalers at 47 Hutt Street in Adelaide, South Australia.
ALL items are on display in their Store.

Here is the link to the page where they are for sale HERE. They are at the Top of the 'Other' section.

They are split into 4 sections-

From the top Left, Bronica ETRS KIT with '4' Lenses-50/75/150/200mm & AE II Prism Finder (Metered), 2-120 Film Backs and Hand Grip/Winder and instruction booklet. It produces 15 lovely 6x4.5cm images/ roll. For Only $800.00 AUD-Great value. SOLD.

Top Right, Bronica ETRS KIT w/75mm Lens, Non metered eye level viewfinder & 2-120 Film Backs and Hand Grip/Winder. Another great bargain at $200.00 AUD SOLD.

Bottom Left, Fuji 690GSW III, Fixed Wide angle lens-65mm and only had 21 rolls of Film through. Boxed with instruction booklet. It produces stunning images on the Lightbox. A Steal at $850.00 AUD SOLD.

And now the Piece de Resistance, my Favourite Film Camera ever, the Hasselblad Xpan Mark II w/45mm & 90mm lenses. You can shoot Panoramic [24x60mm-approx] and/or standard size shots on the same Roll of Film at the flick of a switch. All Boxed, comes with centre filter for the 45mm lens and Two Lens Hoods, 2 sets of Batteries, instruction booklet and a few other extras. Daylight Robbery at $2800.00 AUD, SOLD.

Most lenses come with 81A and Polariser Filters attached.

The reason there have only been 21 Rolls of Film put through the Fuji 6x9cm Camera (there is a counter on the Base Plate) is, shortly after I bought it, I also bought the Hasselblad Kit and fell in love with it, I could walk around with it taking hand held shots just about any where with fantastic results.

I would appreciate it if you could settle for the price asked:) as the commission eats into my final payment, thanks,


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