Every thing youv'e always wanted to know about me!!

I bought my first Camera, a Russian Zenit E Global in 1972 and boy, was that a basic Camera and Kodachrome 64 ruled the day. The next was a Nikkormat FTN then I moved onto various Olympus Film cameras from 1981 and many lenses until 2006.

Also on the list were several Bronica Medium Format cameras and lenses with Metz Flashes during my many years of Wedding Photography.

A few specialist Film cameras were acquired, Fuji 6x9cm GSWII and a Hasselblad XPan II Panoramic Camera with two lenses, a lovely Camera to use.

Since I changed over to Digital in mid 2006, the Camera of choice became a Canon 5D and more recently a 5D Mk II (beautiful Camera) and an assortment of lenses, Tripods, lightning trigger, Filters etc. etc.

Now that my Photoshop skills have improved, I have moved onto producing Wall Art Prints to sell. Most of the Images are fresh ones with a few 'older/favourite' ones thrown in for good measure.

As you can see from the photo, I'm just as cute as ever :)